Islamic Character Development (ICD) FAQs!

Q: Is this the same thing as LTP?

Last year, MYNA announced the launch of a new Islamic Character Development (ICD) program; an initiative separate from our previously held Leadership Training Program (LTP). For those of you that have been to LTP but not ICD, some of the key differences to look forward to are a smaller audience, a more compact and intensive program, and a change of venue to McMaster University. Whereas LTP was intended to provide our attendees with practical skills intended to allow for growth as community leaders, ICD is intended to foster more personal development of Islamic character traits based on the character of our beloved Prophet (PBUH).

Q: What are the methods of payment?

Payment can be made through cash or cheque, or online. Cash or cheque can be given to any MYNA core member prior to the event, or to the team on the morning of the first day. Please make any cheques payable to ISNA Canada. Fees for siblings/family members can be consolidated into one payment.

Q: What types of sessions will be running?

The program features a variety of sessions, from relaying of Islamic stories and characteristics of the Prophets to interactive workshops to group challenges to individual development sessions. The sessions, while varying in specific content and format, all center around developing the Islamic characteristics and mannerisms exemplified to us by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Q: Is there an age limit?

The program of the Islamic Character Development targets male and female youths aged 14 to 18.

Q: My parents don’t want me to stay overnight. Do I have to?

No; the overnight components of the program are entirely voluntary, and a parent/guardian may pick you up at the end of the night and bring you back the next morning to continue the ICD experience for the next day. Please note that all arrangements must be confirmed prior to the beginning of the ICD program, and require parent/guardian approval for minors.

Q: Will there be transportation provided?

Attendees are responsible for transportation to the Hamilton Mountain Mosque on the evening of May 6th and upon the conclusion of the program on May 8th. However, in extenuating circumstances, other arrangements can be made. To make arrangements, please contact Mahmood Haddara at (289) 700 – 4274 or email

Q: Is food provided?

Yes, all meals are provided.

Q: What do I need to bring?

If you are staying overnight, please bring: a sleeping bag, a pillow, toiletries/personal care items, any medications, money, and any necessary chargers.
If you are attending the day programs, please bring: any medications and money.
Recommended: sunglasses, a light jacket, a camera.
Pens and notebooks will be provided to all attendees. Please note that all belongings and valuables are the responsibilities of the attendees.

Q: Is there financial assistance available?

Yes; should you or your family have any questions or concerns regarding financial arrangements, feel free to contact our MYNA Advisor Br. Mostafa Soliman (416) 553-9187 or email us directly at

Q: What supervision is there?

Attendees are under the supervision of both counselors and advisors for the duration of the weekend. Attendees are broken into groups, each with respective counselors, and the advisors are available throughout the weekend as well.

Q: Cell phone policy?

Cell phones will remain with attendees who have the responsibility to use them only at allotted times throughout the day. Should cell phones become a distraction, attendees will be warned with subsequent confiscation should the behaviour persist.


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