Camp 2015 FAQs

Q: What are the methods of payment?

Payment can be made online, mailed as a cheque, or a time can be arranged for you to pay your registration fee to a core member.  If you aren’t familiar with any core members, you can call Sr. Mona Munim at (647) 558-7055, or Sr. Hafsah Khattab at (416) 834-0494 to arrange a time to pay in person. If you would like to pay online, an email with the link for online payment will be sent to the parent/guardian email you put on your registration form. If you would like to mail in a cheque, details of how to fill out your cheque and where to mail it to will be emailed to you upon request.

Q: What types of activities will be running?

The program features a large variety of activities; there’s fishing, rock climbing, swimming, archery, paddle boating, field sports, water balloon activities, and more! During recreation times, males and females are on opposite sides of the camp site. Outside of the recreational activities,  we have sessions such as workshops, lectures, bonfires, and cabin challenges.

Q: Will there be transportation provided?

Transportation will be provided from ISNA Canada and the Islamic Institute of  Toronto.

Q: What do I need to bring?

A packing list guideline will be emailed to you once we have received your payment, or upon request beforehand.

Q: What supervision is there?

Attendees are under the supervision of both counselours and advisers for the duration of the camp. Attendees are broken into cabins based on age and gender, each with respective counselours, and the advisers are available throughout the weekend as well.

Q: What time should I drop off/pick up my child(ren) to our bus stop location?

At least a week before the first day of camp, all registered campers and parents/guardians will receive an email stating the times for them to drop off and pick  up their child(ren) from their specified bus stop location.

Q: What can I expect if I register my child to be put on the waiting list?

If you register your child for the waiting list, you will be notified if a spot opened up for your child(ren) by August 5th. You can expect an email 24 hours after you register your child specifying what spot they hold on the waiting list.

Q: Cell phone policy?

Cell phones will remain with attendee’s counselours who have the responsibility to only allow their campers to use them at allotted times throughout the day for the purpose of talking to their parent/guardian(s).


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