Core Position Descriptions

Meet the Core
MYNA Advisers:
The MYNA advisors attend the meetings as the adult figures. Everything done by MYNA Toronto is run by them, as they look over everything to ensure MYNA’s activities are safe for all the youth that attend. With the top position, they are responsible for all the youth in the program at the time and are the go to people for anyone with questions about MYNA.

As the Representatives, they are tasked with making sure MYNA continues flowing smoothly. There are two people who make up this position, one for the brothers, and one for the sisters. It is up to them to head the meetings and send out the agenda for the core to know what will be discussed at the meetings. Furthermore, most information is passed by them to ensure that they know what is going on with MYNA at all times.

Assistant Representatives:
The Assistant Representatives hold all the same tasks as the Representatives. They shadow the current representatives to learn how to run the position. They are expected to take on the role of MYNA’s representative in the future, but are not required to.

Recreation Heads:
The MYNA Recreation position has four spots, two for the brothers and two for the sisters. These four core members work together to plan most of the events MYNA holds throughout the year. From wonderland trips to paintballing, the Recreation Heads plan to make the event as successful and enjoyable as possible for the brothers and the sisters that attend. With the Recreation Heads leading the way, MYNA brings events to the youth of the GTA.

Finance Head:
MYNA’s money passes through the Finance Head, who then accounts for all of it before passing it on to the advisors. This person has to track the money that comes in to MYNA, as well as the money that goes out. By accounting for all the money after each event, the Finance Head knows just how much of it MYNA has at the end of their term. It is up to this person to determine whether MYNA has had a surplus or deficit at the end of each event.

Media Head:
The task of the Media Head is to create flyers for all the MYNA events, as well as to design anything else required by MYNA from the technological world. It is this person who allows MYNA to get the word out about events by designing flyers to get printed and sent out to the several Masjids in the GTA.

Camp Head:
The Camp Head position is for a person completely dedicated to planning and organizing MYNA Camp, MYNA’s largest event. The Camp Head plans the camp to the last detail. This person also trains the Assistant Camp Head who organizes camp in the following term.

Assistant Camp Head:
The Assistant Camp Head shadows the Camp Head and learns about how to run the camp so that they can run the camp in the following term. The purpose of this position is to ensure that camp can continue to run smoothly year after year.

The main task of the secretary is to take notes during the meetings, and to send out the minutes, explaining what was discussed in the meeting, through email. By doing this, the secretary allows those who could not attend the meeting to know what decisions were made and what needs to be done by the next meeting. This is the position that keeps all of MYNA informed of what is happening.

Public Relations:
Public Relations is one of the most important core positions which consists of 2 people (not gender specific). The main duty of the PRs is to organize and plan the annual Get To Know MYNA Fundraising Dinner. They are the main contact for the core to other organizations and people. They are often in charge of advertising and getting the word out about MYNA’s upcoming events. The PRs are a necessity for any organization to function well.


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