Event: First Annual Winter Retreat

First Annual Winter Retreat

Salaam Alaikum MYNA FAM!

MYNA Toronto is thrilled to announce that we are hosting our FIRST ANNUAL WINTER RETREAT!! Yes, you read that right! This year’s retreat is for youth ages 12-18 and will be taking place at Cedar Ridge Camp from December 26th-29th, 2017!

Since it is a retreat and not a camp, it’s a little bit different from the summer camp we usually host. Firstly, there’s an application process. That means that there will be a question that you are required to answer in your application. As there is limited space, not all applicants will be accepted. However, if you answer the questions truthfully and to the best of your ability, you have nothing to worry about, so don’t stress it!

Other than that, the 4 day retreat will include workshops, lectures, and winter activities of course!

Just a quick reminder, registration and early bird starts TODAY, OCT 16th, 2017. Note: the last day for early bird is NOVEMBER 5th and the last day for registration is NOVEMBER 26th at 11:59, so hurry hurry hurry!

LATE BIRD (after Nov 5th): $250

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The link for registration can be found in our Instagram bio, facebook page or:

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to send a direct message to the MYNA Camp Instagram page, Facebook page, Snapchat account, or contact:

Sr Rasha: (647) 865-2408
Br Moataz: (647) 892-7787
Br Habeel: (647) 667-3780