Formally known as the Muslim Youth of North America, MYNA Toronto is an active youth organization established in the Greater Toronto Area. MYNA is dedicated to establishing and promoting an Islamic environment for all members of society to benefit from. MYNA, as an organization, finds its origins in a group of young Muslims who sought to provide Islamic alternatives and promote an Islamic atmosphere to Muslims trying to establish themselves in North America. Aided by ISNA in 1985, MYNA was founded as an organization and, praises be to God, the organization has flourished throughout the years with members spreading throughout North America. Currently, MYNA continues aiding the Muslim youths of today in the challenges they face. Furthermore, MYNA provides an Islamic environment where the youth can practice and explore their faith whilst establishing strong bonds with other young Muslims.

MYNA is composed of dedicated Muslim youth who organize the numerous events and activities that are made available to the youth at large. Thus, MYNA is an organization by the youth, for the youth. This allows MYNA to be responsive to the needs and requirements of the youth, and with the assistance of senior advisors, better fulfill those needs.

MYNA’s goals are to implement an Islamic awareness within the youth demographic while providing an Islamic atmosphere to meet fellow Muslims and establish lasting relationships; these lasting relationships will, by the will of Allah, form a strong a Muslim youth community. MYNA aspires to provide the youth with the skills, understanding and self-assurance that will be crucial in their role in the community at large. In order to establish these traits, MYNA hosts numerous recreational, spiritual, and charitable events and activities to implement important characteristics that youth can utilize in becoming leaders in Canadian society. The events held throughout the year include the annual summer camp, food bank visits, iftars, a Wonderland trip, a skiing trip, March break events, and MYNA’s unforgettable sessions which take place during the ISNA Canada Conference.

MYNA is always searching for dedicated new members, volunteers and sponsors. As MYNA is a non-profit and solely youth-run organization, MYNA looks to the community for support in finances and other aspects of the organization. For more information on MYNA events, activities and projects, or for further questions, comments or inquiries, please feel free to e-mail us at or visit MYNA Toronto on Facebook. We look forward to working with all interested and dedicated youth!